Brooch little drowned

This story was told by a resident of Pskov, Anna Selezneva, she
happened when Ana was seventeen years old.

The girl and her fiance arrived in the village to visit Anina’s grandmother.
Anton was an amateur fisherman and had high hopes for the local
river, dreamed of a big catch.

… The very first morning they got up at dawn and went to the river.
Everything was wonderful on this day: clean air, pristine silence,
The unique, stunning urban beauty of nature. It seemed
they fell into a fairy tale …

Finally, Anton chose a place for fishing and abandoned tackle. Anya
walked along the shore, admired the wonderful scenery, and when the sun
began to burn, went swimming. She was not so good for a long time, and
it seemed that this river, and the sky above it, the trees and grass – all
radiates unthinkable, ultimate happiness …

– Annie, where are you? Go here! – Anton’s cry was heard so unexpectedly
that she flinched.

– You look what I caught! – the guy spoke cheerfully. – For the hook,
y’know, hooked. This is a gift from the river for you …

On Anton’s palm lay a brooch, which he pulled out with his
Donkey. The darkened from the water decoration, apparently, was silver. Anya
looked at the discovery with interest.

“We need to clean it,” Anton said efficiently. – clean up and
will be as good as new.

– А мне так больше нравится, – задумчиво произнесла Anya. – How
as if it is old. I’ll just clean the zipper …

Anton again became interested in fishing, and the girl sat in the shade not far away
from him and, looking at the brooch, tried to imagine the village
the beautiful woman who could own the decoration … Gradually in her
a whole romantic story took shape in which silver
брошка играла далеко не последнюю роль… А потом Anya незаметно
dozed off.

In the evening, he and Anton went for a walk. Anya одела красивое платье,
pinned to him the found brooch.

– Well, how? She asked the groom.

– Exclusive! – Anton approved.

Somehow it turned out that they were at the river. AT
to the darkness she was completely different – mysterious and wary,
as if frozen in the gloomy shores …

And then from somewhere came the fog. Thick veil as if at once
fell from the sky and fenced off Anya from Anton, in general from everything … It was
so unexpected that the girl was frightened.

– Anton! – She shouted some not her, someone else’s voice. – You

AT вязкой тишине не раздавалось ни звука. Anya не решалась больше
shout. She was afraid to go because she did not see the road, and was afraid
stay in place – in this cold and sticky, it is not clear where
taken fog. She stood, arms wrapped around herself, and quietly
sobbing with fear.

Suddenly, a muddy veil slightly parted – just enough
чтобы Anya увидела перед собой девочку и испугалась еще больше.
The girl was all wet, as if she had just left the river, and such
pale that her face looked like a mask. And just like a mask, it was
motionless and expressed suffering. The child stretched out to Anya thin
hands and plaintively said:

– Give, please, give! .. You are so beautiful, elegant … And
I, and I have … Please, give me back! ..

Anya пронзительно вскрикнула и бросилась бежать, сама не зная
where. All she came to in her grandmother’s house only. ATскоре
Anton appeared, hoarse because he had long and loudly called Anya.

ATозвращение брошки законной владелице

Frightened and still trembling, the girl spoke about her
strange meeting. Grandma darkened face and crossed herself.

– Do you know something? — быстро спросила ее Anya. – Bah, what are you
do you know Who was that?

“They once lived here,” grandmother answered with a sigh, “family
one lived. This girl and her parents. Parents were alcoholics …
latest. AT доме все пропили, ни поесть нечего, ни одеть…
The little girl is clogged, in shrouds, hungry forever … Neighbors on the sly
fed up. А тут еще мальчишки ее дразнить взялись… ATот откуда,
say children have so much malice ?! AT общем, подарил ей кто-то эту
brooch. It is clear that not parents, but someone else. Well, you never know … And
she, fool poor, take it and fasten it to your rags! .. And on
the street went out. ATидать, так ей хотелось показать, что и у нее может
be something worthwhile! ..

Grandma broke down and cried. Anya’s eyes too
tears came.

– Well, then what? – Anton asked gloomily.

– And then we saw these young animals brooch on the girl and let’s
mock … surrounded her and everybody in the face
He speaks. She really wanted to run – not allowed. And one took yes and ripped off
brooch. And rushed to the river. ATсе за ним, и она, бедная, изо всех
Silenok runs and shouts: “Give, give, please! ..” Well, he
swung yes and threw away into the water. And she – next … Swim
I did not know how …

…ATсю эту ночь Anya не спала. Sometimes she started crying, and then
Anton woke up and tried to calm her down.

Early in the morning they came to the river again. Anya не стала откреплять
brooch, she decided to return it to the girl with the dress. River
accepted the gift and quietly carried it to the depths.

At night, Anya dreamed of a girl. Another dress was great for her, but
the girl clearly liked it. She seemed pleased and even
happy and gratefully smiled at Anya. �”Let you be
well … there, ”- without waking up, the girl whispered faintly.

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