Building steps found on Mars

The tireless Mars explorer Scott Waring has now discovered on
one of the shots of the Curiosity Rover
buildings of a once thriving civilization on Mars.

The famous Taiwanese virtual archaeologist lately
I found a lot of evidence on NASA images that
a highly developed civilization existed on the Red Planet, and judging
by circumstantial evidence, such as indigo children, who remember
their former lives in the body of the Martians, still exists.

Here is what he writes about this:

NASA staff in every possible way bypass this topic and hide the obvious
evidence that Mars is not a lifeless planet. However they are not
everyone notices from the fact that you can wither away in the pictures. And when
find themselves in an uncomfortable position, like for example now (
steps can not be confused with a pile of stones), then
start to get their old song about paradolic illusions.
What is the illusion?

Ufologist also recalls that the motto of the aerospace agency
The United States is the slogan “For the good of all”, but in reality NASA employees
doing just the opposite – for the benefit of only the powerful of this world,
while the general public, whose money, by the way, and
there is an American space industry, it’s foolish
because people are still inspired by what is not, and hide, then,
what everyone has the right to know …

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