But in China they plan to lower the pensionage

As if in retaliation to the Western hypocritical bourgeois world, to
which, it seems, decided to join Russia, in China, on the contrary, in
ближайшие годы планируют понизить пенсионный age — на пять
years old.

At the moment in the Middle Kingdom, as in all the former
socialist camp, the standard for this
social structure pension rule: women go to the deserved
отдых в 55 лет, а мужчины – в 60 years old. However held wrong
long-standing sociological and medical research in
country have shown that in recent years (before retirement) older people
experiencing excessive stress on an aging body, which leads to
overworking him, various depressions, and ultimately – to
reduce human life.

The PRC leadership believes that this attitude towards citizens
Celestial is unacceptable, and therefore came to the conclusion that the pension
age нужно снизить на пять лет и для женщин, и для мужчин, чтобы
они уходили на заслуженный отдых с 50-55 years old. It is intended that
similar reform will gradually be implemented already from the future
year, and it will end in 2022.

Official Beijing delivered a statement saying
что снижение пенсионного ageа никак не скажется на экономике
countries because in this age of high technology it is increasingly
hard physical labor is replaced by machines, robots, and therefore
get scared of worker shortages or declining labor productivity in
any branch of the national economy does not have to, rather the opposite.
At the same time, the state is obliged to take care of health and longevity.
its citizens, and especially about children and the elderly.

By the way, most recently we wrote that in China they plan
go to a four-day working week. Now here’s another
сокращение пенсионного ageа. The rest of the conclusions do yourself …

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