By 2030, humanity will face a massivehunger

Living in modern megacities, residents of the “civilized” West
sometimes they don’t even realize how many people in the world are suffering from
lack of food, simply – starving.

The figure of 815 million starving people is literally amazing. Turns out
that every ninth inhabitant of the planet is not something that fully, even
can not eat normally. And among these hungry people of all
children suffer more, who more often than adults die from
lack of nutrition and complete exhaustion.

FAO estimates (Food and Agriculture
UN Organization), all the more hungry in Asia – 520 million
then comes Africa — 243 million, 42 million starving
to Latin America and the Caribbean. And these are indicators
last year, this year, especially in connection with
natural disasters and wars, they will
believed to be much higher. However, they are already from year to year.
becoming increasingly frightening, although the latest events in the world are not
They promise nothing good in this regard. If it goes on like this
state the researchers, by 2030, humanity will face
настоящей проблемой всемирного hungerора.

And this is at a time when in our civilized world 640
million people suffer from obesity, and is dumped in a landfill
almost 30 percent of food. Not to mention that
leading countries of the world spend on armament (to destroy themselves
trillions of dollars – means that would be enough,
to create a real paradise on earth where every human being
fed, shod and had a roof over his head.

It is striking in this situation that a simple man in the street can
condemn wars, violence, theft of politicians, their inattention to those
starving people, and at the same time at the household level tyrannize their neighbors,
lie and hide money from them, mock animals, litter
plastic nature and do a bunch of unseemly deeds, even
not realizing that in this case he acts no better than
the most cruel and indifferent dictator.

And after all this, people wonder why aliens aren’t
want to contact us? ..

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