By the summer of 2018, Ukraine will cease itsExistence

Another witch TV show “The Battle of Psychics” decided to share
with your vision of the future – Dariya Voskoboeva. Looking through your
magic crystal ball in which, as a psychic says,
reflects the past and the future, Dasha saw what would happen to
Ukraine: by the summer of 2018, the country of a thousand misfortunes will simply cease
свое Existence.

Here’s how the witch herself commented on all this:

New Year for Square will begin big shocks that
completely change the country. In the spring, the team of Petro Poroshenko will be
overthrown by the participants of the new Maidan, so that today’s supreme
politicians will have to flee, as Yanukovych once did, by fleeing from
own country. But the conspirators who came to power will not be able to
share chairs and briefcases, and therefore quarrel, as a result
Ukraine will fall into five separate independent states. TO
summer of Ukraine within the framework of modern borders will not be.

TOолдунья, правда, не уточнила, что за государства образуются в
during such turbulent political events in Ukraine, pro-Western or
they will be pro-Russian, but it must be assumed that the people are mostly
will reach for Russia, and only the people. Although, if the United States to
time, still remain in the role of international gendarme,
will certainly intervene in this new “revolution” in Ukraine and
try to turn it in their favor.

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