California is on fire, but there is something in these firesstrange …

Massive fires in California are not the first year, and each
since they are surprising, they generate various
conspiracy theories. Are there any real reasons for this?

For example, the other day the main US television companies showed burnt out
from California’s forest fires – a top view shot by drones.
The show, of course, is not for the faint of heart (see photos and videos), but
conspiracy and other independent researchers were not struck by herself
tragedy, but something else.

Why didn’t the flames touch the trees?

Notice, they write, on the ruins of buildings destroyed by fire,
melted cars and so on. And amid all this ash
stand, as if nothing had happened, green trees. Not all, of course, but
their mass, while not finding a single surviving home.
At the same time, according to official reports, fires begin in forest
arrays, that is, they must first spread to
green spaces of the city. But … we see, for example, utterly scorched
the city of Paradise (Paradise, USA, California, Butte) and
totally untouched trees in it. How can it even

It is not by chance that conspiracy theorists make a fantastic assumption
that the cities of California were burned out purposefully by some
climate or even orbital weapons.

Despite all the seeming absurdity of such assumptions,
another logical explanation for what’s happening in California
independent researchers are not yet, and official
information here is always within the limits of what is permitted and easily digestible
material – nothing more …

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