Can Voyagers sent to spacepose a threat to humanity?

Forty years ago, the Americans sent into space “Voyagers” – two
spacecraft intended for the study of distant
planets of the solar system. Among other things, Voyager 1 and
�”Voyager 2″ were equipped with messages to aliens. The specialists
NASA had hoped and may still hope that representatives
some extraterrestrial civilization will take possession of these probes, after which
will be able to extract and understand the information on them.

What are the plates on the “Voyagers”?

A gold plate was attached to the casing of each device.
aluminum case. The plates on Voyagers contain information about
Earth’s position in our Milky Way galaxy, greetings on
many languages ​​of the world, music by various composers, sounds of nature,
images of our planet, the scheme of the hydrogen atom, anatomical
human schemes, an appeal to aliens president jimmy carter
and much more. In short, NASA staff tried
tell the “green men” as much as possible about our “blue
the Solar System and the Solar System without failing to clarify what exactly
America sent these messages into space.

Today Voyagers are the most distant from us.
objects created on Earth. One probe has already managed to enter
interstellar space while the other lingered in
The solar system and hopelessly lagged behind its twin brother.
If alien rational beings really intercept the data
devices and decrypt messages to them, they will be available
information about where our little water world is located.

14 pulsars act as markers for finding the Earth.
– space sources of radio, gamma, X-ray and
optical radiation. These rotating neutron stars having
their magnetic fields are ideal space landmarks.
Indeed, in space there are no such concepts as “north”, “south”, “west” and
�”East”. Pulsars “live” for many millions of years, with each of
They have a unique type of signal, so finding such
a star and calculate the planets located “nearby” from it
should be for an extraterrestrial civilization of great labor.

Was it wise to tell aliens the way to Earth?

Back in 1977, world scientists, including Soviet,
unanimously acknowledged that sending such messages into space –
great idea. However, over time, the ethical side of this issue
became a serious subject of controversy among the people of science. Today many
researchers say it would be better if mankind continued
listen to space, instead of trying to be heard.
Because it is far from a fact that the aliens will be friendly.

When the Voyagers were launched, scientists had no idea
are there any outside of the solar system
exoplanets, not to mention the presence of mind on them. Now same
thanks to projects like the Kepler Space Observatory, we
It is known that planets are found in our galaxy relatively
Often, many of them have all the conditions for the emergence
of life. Such a revelation made many experts think
over whether our civilization should attract attention
potentially existing “green men”.

But be that as it may, for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 all
predetermined. They are already plying outer space and carrying
It is unknown where the map indicating the coordinates of our Earth. And if
somewhere there are reasonable aliens able to intercept
our probes, they probably will not be difficult to read the information on
plates. However, the devices are moving at a rate of “only” 10
kilometers per second and they can reach the nearest habitable planet
fly millions and millions of years. It is possible that humanity to
that moment simply will not.

Of course, there are other points of view. So, quite
a popular theory says that there was no
meaning, since the aliens have long been here. They constantly visit
our planet, build their own bases in Antarctica, volcanoes, under water and
other places inaccessible to man. However, on mass contact with
people for one reason or another are not in a hurry to go. Maybe,
they only chuckle at our efforts with Voyagers …

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