Canadian accidentally opened a new opticalillusion

Optical illusions playing amazing jokes with our mind,
openly and even specially created so much that it seems
nothing fresh in this area is impossible to find and invent.

However, recently an ordinary Canadian junior teacher
classes accidentally discovered a new visual
illusion, готовя задание для своих учеников.

A woman drew a lot of stencilled poppies on red paper
so that the children cut them out and put them on the class in honor of Memorial Day
fallen. Having made such a picture, our heroine was confused:
flowers somehow superimposed on each other, although Canadian,
Naturally, she achieved a completely different result.

Peering closer, the woman was even more surprised.
It turns out that the poppies in the picture do not even touch, however
human brain for some reason sees this picture completely

Do not believe? Then get to know this strange illusion (see
title photo). Funny, isn’t it? ..

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