Canadian diplomat claims that in histhe embassy is inhabited by devilry

Irish Mansion Glanmire House in the historic part of Dublin
inhabited by supernatural forces, and no one else declares this,
like Canadian diplomat Kevin Vickers.

The building that serves today as the Canadian Embassy in
Ireland has a long and eventful history. For example, in
In 1916 this place was affected by the so-called Easter
uprising during which Irish rebels killed 132
British military and police, and also wounded 397 enemies.
Thus, here is where phantoms from the past come from.

Vickers explains it this way:

Ghosts … I never believed in them until I arrived
here. One evening I was sitting in my office, calmly watching
TV and suddenly heard that in the dining room fell on the floor heavy
metal chain. I immediately got up and headed there, but on the floor
nothing turned out. And just a couple of weeks ago, I lay at night in
beds, and from the stairs near my bedroom I heard heavy footsteps and
hoarse breathing. I again hurried to go find out what it is,
however, I did not see anyone either on the stairs or in the corridor. Maids
refuse to rise in the evening to the second floor, so they try
do all the work there in the daytime. They also know very well
that we are not alone here.

Canadian suggests that spirit can dwell in the embassy
Irish poet and revolutionary Patrick Pierce, who was
here a few years before he became one of the leaders
the aforementioned Easter Rising. Vickers is so
became interested in the ghostly neighbor that he studied the archives of his
residences and determined that Pierce really lived in Glanmire House
in the years 1908-1912.

Does the ghost of one of
founding fathers of modern Ireland? Many believe that this
quite possible. May 3, 1916 Patrick Pierce and his 14 companions
were shot. The rebels were denied even a priest, their bodies were not
handed over to relatives and disposed of the most barbaric way.
Spirit of an eminent person who has been treated so cruelly in
religiously, surely still cannot find peace.

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