Canadian farmer photographed mysteriousbeads on the grass

A resident of the Canadian province of Ontario shared with users
Internet mysterious, in his opinion, snapshot. According to the words
men, a few evenings ago automatic camera,
watching his cows, caught something incomprehensible.

A device mounted on a pole periodically takes pictures and
sends them to the phone farmer, and on one of these frames
a strange detail suddenly appeared, the appearance of which our hero
can not find a rational explanation, why and turned for
help to users of the Internet. Maybe someone already
faced with a similar phenomenon and has an idea that this
is it?

In the lower left corner of the image are visible small spherical
objects as if floating above the grass. Estimated Anomaly
It resembles large beads shimmering in the sun, which are like
hung in bunches on the grass.

Some netizens have suggested that we are talking about
brilliant drops of dew, however, according to a Canadian farmer,
that day was very dry and there was no moisture on the field.
However, it looks like the least of all dew;
assumption rural residents.

So what could it be? Optical illusion, failure
camera or is it something that goes beyond the ordinary? ..

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