Canadian fell from a horse and spoke with an accentancestors

50-year-old Sharon Campbell-Rament from Canada, who is the mother of
two children, was formerly an avid rider. However, in 2008 with
she had an accident: a woman fell from a horse and lost
consciousness. When the Canadian awoke, she was silent for several days, and
then suddenly started talking to the real Scottish
emphasis, using, among other things, adopted in this language
turns of speech.

The most amazing thing is that Sharon has never been to Scotland and
showed interest neither to the Gaelic language, nor to the Scottish dialect
English Surprised doctors examined the victim and
she was diagnosed with “foreign accent syndrome”, noted before
This medicine has only 59 inhabitants of the planet. Science is still not
can explain the cause of this condition. Perhaps all the fault
genetic memory and these unexpected language skills got
Кэмпбелл-Рэймент от ancestors. More than a century ago, women’s relatives
really came to Canada from Scotland.

Our heroine considered the incident a sign from above and decided that
need to change something in your life. She refused to continue
horse riding and went with her spouse to the United
Kingdom to carefully study the history of their own family there.
And returning home, Sharon began to help compatriots,
suffered, as she, brain injury. According to
Campbell Ration, even if such a person has no physical
symptoms of any abnormalities, his life can still undergo
significant changes. And they just need to use with
more benefit for the victim …

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