Canadian photographed a pair of ghosts,watching his boat

A resident of the Canadian province of Ontario, presumably
photographed a couple of ghosts on the shore of Georgian Bay in
Lake Huron. This tells the user of the popular
resource “Reddit” under the pseudonym real_girl. Girl laid out
mysterious snapshot in the paranormal section of the site
phenomena, thereby capturing the attention of many commentators.
The author wrote in her post:

My boyfriend’s 20-year-old nephew took this photo
others, at the end of last fall. They left their cottage by the water on
motorboat and shot her a couple of shots. The house is located in the part
Ontario, where a forest was once rafted on a lake. No one noticed then
two tiny figures standing on the shore of the reservoir. They are sealed
just one picture. In the right side of it, under the low red
maple, you can see a couple of human silhouettes. Left – similar to
a woman in a long dress, and the right one – a man in a jacket. Here is
only it could hardly be people since the cottage stands on
private territory, and no outsider ever comes to
her Yes, and how these figures could appear there almost instantly?
In other photos taken with a difference of a few seconds, because they

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