Captured video confirmed that the Moon is the basealiens

It is believed that the moon is generally an artificial interstellar ship –
своеобразная база aliens, созданная (откуда-то притащенная к
Earth) many thousands of years ago. By the way, this is confirmed by the ancients.
manuscripts, for example, the Sumerians, who say that the moon “suddenly
was born “, but before it was not in the sky …

Perhaps that is why the tireless ufologist George Graham, leading to
hosting YouTube channel Streetcap1, constantly looking for photos and
videos on Selena, the proof of this particular
postulate: the moon is no natural satellite of our planet, but
just a well-organized base (or platform) to monitor
our civilization. And this observation (study) continues already
many millennia.

For example, a ufologist constantly finds various
the buildings are mostly already dilapidated, but these ruins are all
neither can it be confused with the natural landscape of the satellite. Maybe,
Once on this place were specialized buildings that
unknown reason were left and therefore came with time
into disrepair. However, they still look man-made. With this
Streetcap1 approval is accepted by thousands of subscribers
video channel.

As proof that the moon is well inhabited by aliens,
George Graham offers to get acquainted with another video,
by the way, published by NASA on its official website, on which
The ufologist found something interesting – a moving dark object.

If you increase the video, writes George, you can distinguish the flat
round shape of this UFO. I have no doubt that this is –
the device of alien origin. It is strange that he was not noticed
employees of the US space agency, otherwise we would not
see this “little gift.” Can you imagine how much
interesting finds are stored in NASA archives, inaccessible to simple
people? If all this was declassified, the moon would have become for us a long time ago.
more understandable, even in terms of answering the question of why great
The powers of the USA and the USSR suddenly ceased to be interested in it?

Indeed, what Russians and Americans were scared of, so zealously
rushing in due time to the moon? What did they finally find
there that instantly cooled their hot fervor? The answer is, in general,
obvious, but so far so officially and not voiced …

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