Carlos Castaneda predicted the collapse of the United States

American mystic writer Carlos Castaneda is better known.
as the author of the acclaimed bestseller about the Indian sorcerer Don
Juan, who taught the American student’s mind, by opening to him
many fundamental truths about the world around us. But few
know that Castaneda also predicted the future, at least
preserved his foresight about the United States.

Naturally, he knew the culture and philosophical views
Indians of America, the writer could not but convey their vision, so what
waiting for conquerors who came to a foreign land and tried
destroy the indigenous population. For this reason, the fate of the United States, spoke
the writer, was sealed a long time ago.

Indian shamans imposed a curse on the country of slave owners:
The United States must disappear from the face of the earth! True shamans
wanted to destroy the conquerors immediately, but the Higher Forces
for some reason they were not allowed to do it: apparently, God had his own
plans for the development of terrestrial civilization and the role in this process

And yet, according to Carlos, the collapse of this power is inevitable,
and it will happen at the end of the second decade of the XXI century. Somewhere even
slips date – 2017 year. But fortunately for America this term
already passed. And although there was no apparent collapse, what can
rejoice for Americans, today’s psychics and visionaries
clarify that this is not worth flattering, because the Indian shamans are not
talked about the fact that the disaster will be quick and instant, rather
on the contrary, they wanted the Yankees to suffer, full grief,
which they brought to the lands they didn’t belong to, the nations they didn’t
invited even to visit …

According to the prophecies of the Indian shamans, the United States must plunge
to the abyss of the ocean, and the Indians remaining in their lands, to move to
Mexico Apparently, this process has already begun, especially since the collapse
America was foreshadowed by other great seers, for example, Edgar
Casey …

Many analysts say the global flood for the North
America’s unlikely. But who said that Indian shamans had
something physically specific, and not expressed allegorically? Completely
perhaps the United States will disappear from the face of the earth for a completely different reason.
The most likely of them – the economic and political collapse
powers. Just think, the national debt of the country is 22 trillion
dollars, and almost a trillion dollars is the federal budget deficit.
As Senator Rand Paul said figuratively, it has long been over Uncle Sam’s head
the sword of Damocles is already hanging, and there is no power in the country to change
its political course, limiting dissolute and already overwhelming spending.
That is, the United States inevitably roll into the abyss, according to the great
curse imposed on this state by the Indians (their spiritual
leaders) …

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