Cars crash into invisible barriers tomysterious video

One of the users of the famous video hosting “YouTube”
says that he recently became interested in a very unusual
a phenomenon of supposedly supernatural nature. According to
men, he discovered several mysterious commercials on the resource,
depicting almost the same thing: the car goes down the road, then
unexpectedly crashes into an invisible barrier. And collisions
turn out to be quite heavy: the mysterious obstacle crushes
cars or even flips them.

These videos were received in different countries at different times and,
Of course, different people. Our hero tried to collect it all.
put together and find in this traces of mystification, but to no avail.

He even turned for help to specialists in the field of
video editing, and they concluded that these frames were not exposed
processing. Then the man made the compilation below,
showing the most spectacular and mysterious incidents
of this kind. On the video you can actually see a few
mysterious cars that quietly move on the roadway
the roads, however, then suddenly collide with incomprehensible objects
(invisible barrier), which are simply not noticeable in the frame.

But what is it: glitches in the Matrix, gravitational anomalies,
telekinesis, invisible road users or pranks
aliens? World Wide Web users are pushing many
various theories, sometimes the most fantastic, but never
come to a consensus.

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