Cat-vegetarian is a matter of jurisdiction!

In Britain, began to fight against vegetarians, or rather
not even against them, but with obvious excesses in this way of life
British, when supposedly healthy food (not proven by science, nor
spiritual practices) becomes fanatical and suffer from it …
no, not even children, but cats.

The fact that their children suffer from parents of vegetarians and raw foodists,
though not a massive phenomenon, but known and in most countries –
prohibited by law. But so that vegetarians are suspected of
similar mockery of cats – this happened for the first time. But
it was in the United Kingdom that zoodefenders came up with
the proposal to punish the British converting to vegetarian
food their purrs.

The fact is that the world is becoming more common
vegetarian dog food. But эти четвероногие друзья человека
still considered omnivorous. And while translating dogs to pure
plant foods can still be considered certain
pinching them in food, however, the mass appearance in stores
dog food exclusively on herbal ingredients talks about
The fact that doctors allow similar vegetarian food.

But кошки — совсем другое дело, это типичные хищники, которые в
nature eats only meat, and if they sometimes eat grass,
exclusively for medicinal purposes. They are something for what the owners decided to do
vegetarians ask zoodefenders?

These protests and demands to protect domestic cats supported
British authorities who through the edition of The Telegraph
have recently issued a warning to all citizens of the country that
the transfer of cats exclusively to vegetable food will now
regarded as cruel treatment of animals. British
such a violator is subject to a substantial fine or even prison

Here is such amazing news that in most countries of the world
regarded for some reason as a joke or as an influence of the American
ridiculous lawmaking where you can meet criminal
responsible for scattering octopuses in public
(state of Michigan), and in Washington state, anyone who comes here with
to commit a crime, according to local law, is obliged
pre-call the police and warn the guards
order The fight against fanatical vegetarians in Britain is little more than
different from this nonsense, write users of the Internet …

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