Cemetery Statue of the Black Angel,touching which is capable of killing

At Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City, Iowa
there is a famous 2.6-meter bronze statue in the form of a winged
angel erected in 1912 by a Czech-American sculptor
Mario Corbel. Locals call the statue the Black Angel and
attributed to him sinister supernatural properties. Alleged to
that if you ignore all warnings and touch
blackened metal, then soon you will surely comprehend

The statue stands on the grave of Teresa Dolezal and her relatives. It is known that
Teresa moved to Iowa City with her 18-year-old son Eddie
and worked as a midwife here. The guy died in 1891 from meningitis, and
he was buried in the Auckland cemetery. Dolezal went to Oregon, where
I met each other and married Nicholas Feldevert.
However, the American woman’s family happiness was not long, because
her husband left this world in 1911, just a few years later
after wedding.

Teresa returned to Iowa City and turned to the famous
to sculptor Mario Korbela to create a statue of an angel who
will rise above the body of her son and the dust of her husband. Nobody knows,
why, however, Korbel poured out the statue, which looks into the ground, into
while other angels in cemeteries tend to draw their
eyes to heaven Rumors that the monument is unkind, crawled among
superstitious townspeople immediately as soon as a strange sculpture
brought here by train.

Teresa died in 1924, her ashes were buried with her husband and
son of Years passed, and a brilliant golden statue began to turn black,
starting with the eyes. The blackness slowly spread to the head of the angel,
then on the whole body, turning a bright sculpture into awesome
dark cemetery figure.

Mysterious Black Angel Carrying Death

Some locals whispered that the deceased was a witch,
sold the soul to the devil. Others suggested that she died.
his family, and the angel darkened to expose the murderer. According to
Third, Teresa swore to the angel that she would always be faithful to the deceased.
spouse, however did not fulfill this promise, so the monument and became

There were also those who, on the contrary, considered our heroine to be very faithful and
pious woman. Such people say that Teresa is very
grieved after the death of her son and husband, and therefore soon fell ill and
passed away. The eyes of the statue turned black in one night, like an angel himself
crying from sorrow.

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