CERN scientists have concluded that we live inmatrix

Of course, this is not a scientific statement, but only an assumption.
Researchers at CERN, having conducted numerous experiments with matter and
antimatter, concluded that between these components of our
There is no difference in the universe except polarity, and therefore they are not
can coexist together without destroying each other.

Hence another disappointing conclusion – the universe is simply not
exists, and everything that we observe and even intensively study is not
more than a matrix.

Previously, scientists believed that our universe was the result
The big bang that spawned a certain amount of matter and
antimatter. But the absolute symmetry of particles and antiparticles, which
scientists at CERN have proven that the Big Bang theory is in doubt,
since in such a state the Universe simply cannot
exist. And it, nevertheless, exists …

Why the anti-polar particles still have not destroyed each other,
no one knows for this reason that the assumption arises that we
находимся в matrix. However, this is only an assumption, a certain
admissibility …

And yet, as long as the great mystery of the universe exists
(the true reason for its stability) cannot be said with certainty
that this is absolutely not true, and the matrix is ​​only a fiction, notion
human mind.

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