Channel «History Channel» found in Antarcticamysterious ruins

Journalists of the international channel “History Channel” did
amazing find, which was told in a recent issue
famous ufological and conspiratorial program “The Ancients
aliens. “

The authors of the intriguing discovery were Joseph White and his colleagues,
viewed aerial photographs of the Shackleton mountain range and completely
a square object that accidentally noticed in the ice, which could hardly
be created by nature. Although White suspects
alien intervention, the expert does not exclude that speech can
go about the handiwork of some kind of ancient terrestrial civilization that has mastered
Antarctica thousands of years ago.

The authors of the “Ancient Aliens” program tirelessly prove that
all the pyramids on Earth, including Egyptian, Native American and
Antarctic (after all, this is not the first such find)
interconnected with each other. Perhaps they are some
emitters, constantly sending into space information that
happening on our “blue ball”. That’s just for whom? ..

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