Chelyabinsk hybrid of a bear and a dog surprisedscientists

World journalists, scientists, cryptozoologists, and just caring
petty people were amazed when they learned about the mysterious
an animal recently found in Chelyabinsk. Amazing beast
resembles both a bear and a dog. Western media staff
who quickly picked up the sensation, they are talking about the present
hybrid bears and dogs. Russian experts claim it is
most likely an unusual animal of the dog family, although they are in this
until the end and not sure. It’s reliably established that
young male. His age is probably around four
years old.

�”Medvebak”, or “dog breeder”, as users called him
social networks, was discovered in the capital of the Southern Urals in the past
Monday, December 11th. Where did he come from here, nobody knows
as if from the moon fell, as they say. However, in the same
even a fantastic version was born to the people that the mysterious
the animal came to us from a parallel world.

The beast was non-aggressive and very scared, as if
really suddenly found himself in a strange situation for him (in
alien world). First he was placed in a veterinary receiver, however
Chelyabinsk environmentalists immediately drew attention to the unusual
appearance of the animal and took him to her. They gave their new
ward nickname Potapych.

�”Dog teacher” is less afraid of people and now
coming out of the aviary. Zoodefenders hope that soon
there will be kind people who will take this nice “chimera” to themselves and
will ensure her a happy life. The animal is quite cute and
affectionate, it completely deserves a completely different nickname,
for example, Pal, because of the dog in it is much more than from
bear …

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