Chelyabinsk mountaineer photographedghost

Chelyabinsk amateur climber and photographer Alexander Grekhov,
may have filmed last Saturday, February 3, something like
ghostly essence. Russian says he went to
expedition to the village Slyudorudnik near Kyshtym. There our
compatriot spent the night in one of the abandoned adits, where
took lots of pictures.

In one of the pictures depicting Comrade Grekhov,
some bluish glowing haze. Was it really real
come from the other world? Or a fancy play of light and shadow? True myself
Mine explorer tends to the first assumption: no wonder
It is believed that numerous spirits are crammed into these workings.
miners once killed here.

By the way, let’s say that Danish experts in the field of mysticism from
Esbjerg recently made a very interesting statement regarding
ghosts. According to researchers paranormalschiny, most
the ghosts that people see from all over the world belong
to the witnesses themselves.

In other words, the obscure human figure that you,
suppose you see in your house, it may be your
own soul that briefly materialized outside
of your body. Maybe Alexander from Chelyabinsk, who dared to descend
in ominous adits of the Slyudrudnik, also photographed there not anyhow
whose spirit and your own? For example, separated to more
thoroughly inspect these dungeons, while the mortal body
with a lantern in her hand, she hardly explored the tiny space …

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