Children often see things that are not given to adults.

Researcher of anomalous phenomena from the USA Jason Offut wrote
a series of books where outlined real stories that are very similar to
fairy tales.

But, according to Jason, this is not fiction, but, if so
can be expressed, the ultimate reality. And all the stories
the scientist was told by the residents of Missouri – his home state, but how many
This information is in the whole world! .. By the way, get acquainted
with these “fairy tales from life” even more interesting than with invented,
albeit the most exciting. After all, invention is one thing, but
life, incredible in its mysterious manifestations – quite
another …

Boy in pince-nez

Six-year-old Elaine Latrum didn’t like the door very much at night
own bedroom. Already being an adult, the woman said that
simply could not sleep facing her and therefore turned her back to
the doors. Elaine thought that from there someone or something was constantly
is watching her.

At that time, the family lived in Kansas City, in their own home.
Being in her room in the afternoon, the girl felt quite
comfortable, but with the onset of night everything changed.

One day, Elaine woke up with a sense of horror. She was afraid
look at the door, but something made her do it. In the door
she saw a boy about her peer. Have a boy
there was dark hair and for some reason an old pince-nez. He is on the threshold
looked at Elaine, and then walked up and sat down on the edge of her
the beds.

Elaine was so frightened that she didn’t even remember if she spoke to her
night guest. She instinctively turned to the wall, after which
whether fell into a dream, or fainted.

The next day, Elaine told her mother about what she saw, and that
suggested that the girl was her grandfather. However elaine
thinks she saw someone else, and very real – not so
how they see a ghost or an imaginary friend …

In general, young children see the unusual – that which is inaccessible to the eye.
adults. Watching a child, you can, for example, notice how he
looking at an empty place with such lively interest, as if seeing something
real. What exactly – is unknown, because children find it difficult to talk about
things like that. Growing up, they simply forget about them and lose
the ability to see the subtle world.

Dark figure and little girl

Diana Davis childhood passed in Pennsylvania. Once a girl
I stayed with my aunt and in the evening, playing in the yard, I noticed next to
something strange looking like a human shadow. it
the creature watched Diana play curiously.

All adults at this time were in the house, in the courtyard girl
was alone. The dark figure is even closer to her, and here
Diana stared at her. As if frightened by this
glance, the creature leaned aside, and the girl exclaimed:
�“Wait, who are you? Maybe you want to play with me? “

Diana rushed over the shadow, and she quickly moved away from her. Finally
the dark figure slipped through the fence between two trees and disappeared.
It must have been a ghost or a creature from another dimension that says

Ghosts at home told the boy to kill his mother

At the beginning of the new millennium, Mike and Kim Smithmeyer got a job.
at the Ford Motor factory and bought a house in the neighborhood
city ​​of liberty. In 2003 Spouses were born twins Randy and Dan.
Family life proceeded calmly and happily – as long as it
something terrible didn’t come in … That’s what Kim told about it

It first happened in 2006 when the boys were three years old.
Kim stood on the second floor, holding Dan in her arms. There is a child
looked at the staircase leading down and asked: “Mom, and who is there
is coming down? ”Kim looked at the stairs: it was empty. �”There
there is no one, ”said the woman, and became alert. – And who do you see?
What does he look like?”

Dan was silent and just kept looking intently at one
direction, his eyes were clearly following someone who was moving.
Finally, повернувшись к матери, малыш сказал: «Они ушли».

This incident was almost forgotten, since the next four years
nothing like this happened. Then one day, seven-year-old Dan
admitted to his mother that he was tired of hearing the voices that told him to do
bad �“What are you talking about?” Kim asked. �”I do not want to repeat, because
it’s very, very bad, ”Dan answered quietly, dropping his eyes.

�“You can tell me,” Kim said softly. – I will try to
can I help you”. And here is a seven-year-old child quite clearly
said: “The voices say that I kill you.” Kim was shocked:
�“Killed me ?! Did they say anything else? ”Dan nodded,“ Yes. To
I hurt our cat and then my brother. ”

Tomorrow Kim took the child to a psychiatrist. After seeing Dan, the doctor
said that if his condition worsens, you may need
medication. However, after taking the boy, he was calm all day.
Over the weekend, he stayed with his grandmother, where he, too, was all right.
But as soon as Dan got home, everything changed again.
the worst. The boy could not be alone in the room, became nervous
and asked mom to take him to her bed.

In desperation, Kim began to talk to the house: she urged and begged
its invisible inhabitants leave the family alone and especially not
scare children. it, похоже, сработало, потому что нападки на Дэна
stopped, and peace reigned again in the house …

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