Children with black eyes can bealiens

At the 31st Annual Ozark Mountain UFO UFO Conference
Conference, held in April of this year in the city of Eureka
Springs (Arkansas) gathered several hundred independent
researchers who shared their stories about meetings with
unknown. Very interesting is the case that occurred with
some Michael from the city of Wimberley (Texas). About him told
meeting participant Nick Redfern.

… It happened a few years ago. In the evening, at about
23.15, someone knocked on the door of Michael’s house. So late michael nobody
I did not wait, so he cautiously approached the door and clung to the peephole.
On the porch a man saw a very thin teenager dressed in jeans
and a black jersey.

Opening the door that was on the chain, Michael asked him what
need to. The boy stood with his head low, which never
picked up when spoke. He asked the host for food, as well as some
of money. It looked all kind of strange, and Michael felt suddenly
very worried. Hoping the case is limited to teenage
jokingly, the man refused to fulfill the request, finding her
suspicious at such a late time …

Then the boy finally raised his head – and Mike saw him with horror
thick black eyes. He also noticed that the hair was at night.
the visitor looks so careless and ridiculous that they look like a wig,
eyebrows as if drawn by a felt-tip pen.

The next moment, the teenager turned and headed away, quickly
dissolved in the dark. Michael, trembling with fear, hurried to close
a door. At first he thought that the boy was acting together with
robbers and checked if anyone was at home. However his
amazing black eyes did not fit into this scheme …

After this incident, Michael began to search the Internet for similar stories.
and thus learned about the phenomenon of completely black-eyed children and
teenagers. Many eyewitness accounts resembled what happened.
with him.

Strongly interested in this phenomenon, Michael began to study
all published stories. He confessed to Nick Redfern that
developed his own theory about children with black eyes.
On this he was pushed by the hair of the uninvited guest, similar to a wig, and
his supposedly drawn eyebrows. What will happen if mentally
Imagine this black-eyed child without eyelashes and eyebrows?
It turns out simply a classic “gray” alien! Special
if we take into account the still small growth of these extraterrestrial creatures.

So maybe the whole thing in the experiment, which the aliens
carried out with the purpose of mimicking (masking)? However, why should they
does this scare people? After all, there has not yet been a case for the creepy
black-eyed children caused significant harm to a person. What is the
In reality, the goal is pursued by these unusual and mysterious
creatures? ..

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