China creates an artificial moon calledreplace street lighting

Chinese scientists have embarked on a very ambitious project
designed to revolutionize street lighting and forever
change the view of the night sky above the Celestial.

If everything goes according to the plan of the researchers, after two years
the first man-made moon in human history will shine over China
artificially reflecting sunlight
satellite. Due to this, in many parts of the Asian country will disappear
the need for street lamps.

It is reported that the brightness of the artificial night light will be
exceed the brightness of the present Moon almost nine times. Diameter
reflective disk will be adjustable and can be from 10 to
80 kilometers away. At the same time the light from the satellite does not disturb
animals and people, since its brightness must be comparable to
twilight. In other words, the darkness of the night in many densely populated
регионах Китайской Народной Республики сменится twilight.

Representatives of the Institute for Systems Research for Space,
working on this futuristic project, they say that
All technical conditions for the implementation of the ideas are ready.
The main problems in the construction of the man-made moon should be
its high cost, the complexity of installing mirrors and satellite output on
orbit, and the need to somehow shield the device from
space debris. However, the Chinese are determined to overcome
each of these obstacles.

Meanwhile, many international scientists reacted to this idea.
Chinese with considerable skepticism.

So, Ivan Moiseev, who heads the Russian Institute of Space
politicians, convinced that the project is incredibly costly and unlikely
feasible. According to the expert, at its current stage of development
humanity is simply not able to create such a complex structure.
Once in our country it was already proposed to cover the same way
the polar regions, however, domestic scientists then calculated everything
and quickly realized the impossibility of such a venture, abandoning
her Since then, the world in space exploration, of course, advanced
forward, however, not enough to
fantastic projects …

Independent researchers and conspiracy therapists also spoke on
about this, and here is their opinion:

The idea of ​​creating an artificial moon is not new, since
the usual “natural” satellite of the Earth – Selena, most likely
also man-made education. Another thing is who, for what and with what.
level of technology carries out such ambitious projects. Explicit
the impossibility of Chinese is an excellent indicator of the level of development
of our civilization, which in space exploration is doing so far only
first nursery steps. With this ambitious plans nothing in this
the plan does not change, for example, the statements of Ilona Mask about flying to Mars
does not mean yet that someone will fly there soon, and if
will fly, then by all means will get alive to Red
planets …

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