China in terms of ufological becomesrival NASA

After the Chang’e-3 automatic interplanetary station
began to send pictures of the moon to earth, and the space agency
Celestial – to spread them in free access to the Internet, ufologists
started talking seriously that China is becoming a serious competitor
NASA, because it does not care about the fact that these pictures were all
perfect “clean”.

It is not by chance that ufologist George is tireless in his unearthly search
Graham, who hosts YouTube’s Streetcap1 channel, recently
time finds traces of aliens on the moon precisely in Chinese snapshots
“It’s easier and safer,” he says. This time by boon
the researcher has become an alien who lies on the surface

Look, says in the video presented on this occasion.
George, this humanoid has a head with an extended skull as we
and introduce the aliens, as well as the breathing tube, which
falls on his face just in the nose area – it may well be
apparatus for being outside the base. On closer examination
this humanoid can also be distinguished legs, very long. Even
I wonder if this is really an alien who died here
For some reason, sprinkled with moon dust in the future, go get some kind of
dilapidated sculpture? In any case, on an ordinary pile
stones it does not seem like …

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