China is planning a four-day week

According to the Chinese newspaper “People’s Daily”, according to
a recent report by the Academy of Social Sciences of China, in the country
планируется ввести четырехдневную work week, то есть жители
Celestial will work 4 days 9 hours and then 3 days

Of course, this will not come tomorrow, until 2025 in the country
planned to transfer to a similar schedule only large and
medium state enterprises in eastern China. Until 2030
the four-week work week will cover the rest
countries, that is, since this time all the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom will be 4
дня в неделю трудиться и 3 дня relax.

Change and rest during the Spring Festival, which by 2025
will increase to 8 days (along with the Lanterns holiday). However in China
There is also a problem with paid vacations, which today are not
implemented throughout the country. By 2025, the report says, this
the issue will also be resolved.

In this case, China will once again demonstrate to the world the advantages
real socialism over capitalism. By the way, we note that
USSR time set the tone in this matter, really reducing the work day
workers and increasing their paid leave forcing
the capitalist world adapt to the Soviet Union in its
striving to prove that their democratic system is the most humane and
the best. Now it seems that China is taking on this role …

By the way, the CEO of the New Zealand company Perpetual
Guardian Mr. Andrew Barnes recently interrupted the experiment with
a four-day working week that he decided to spend during
two months. But his head interrupted not to
return to the previous work schedule, and to introduce this innovation
full time. To understand all the benefits of such
the organization of labor, Barnes and his team of researchers had enough of everything
two weeks. During this time, productivity in the team
nearly three hundred employees increased by an average of 20 percent
the level of fatigue and stress of people decreased by 12 percent, sharply
increased motivation of employees to cooperate with the company, not
to mention the other advantages. Therefore, the company Perpetual Guardian in
New Zealand can be said to be one of the first in the world to successfully
applied 4-day work schedule.

To this we need only add that the research in this matter
have been going on for a long time, and almost all of them prove that the reduction
working week will have a positive impact on all indicators of labor
collective and enterprise as a whole, however, to introduce such an innovation
seemingly insane at first sight
Entrepreneur, no one is solved. Perpetual Company Experience
The Guardian can be a good touchstone, however it is not strong
change in the whole world attitude to this issue. But the experience of China
– quite …

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