China plans to change the local climate

Recently, more and more materials appear on the Internet
one way or another, affecting the issue of climate weapons. And how in
In this case, you need to consider peaceful experiments with climate? it
Is it safe for our planet or not?

It is such an experiment, with a grand scale,
plan to spend in China. Project “Heavenly River” (“Tianhe”)
involves the installation in the Tibetan Plateau of numerous
devices (several tens of thousands of special cameras) that
will throw a silver dust based reagent into the atmosphere,
able to cause rain.

According to the publishing house Science Alert, scientists of the Middle Kingdom
in such a way they plan to “wrest from the atmosphere” “heavy rains over
arid area of ​​1.6 million square kilometers, bringing
rainfall in the region to ten billion cubic
meters per year. According to the organizers of artificial rain, the task
before them is not easy, because the “seeding” of clouds, like this
process called by the chinese engineers themselves, will be produced in
such a large scale for the first time.

The system of artificial rain here have already experienced – in
Xinjiang, Tibet and some other areas of the country. There she is
showed itself from the best side. However, it installed
just 500 cameras at a time, now you need to test the system
almost two hundred times more powerful. How she behaves, and how
there may be consequences from such an intervention in nature, no one
doesn’t really know.

As they say, wait and see. Some independent scientists
at the same time warn that experiments with climate, like gene
engineering, are fraught with serious consequences. People think of themselves
gods, not having the right not only right, but even a little bit
spiritual foreknowledge of what can come of all this.
For example, Chinese engineers are confident only in the success of the process.
rain formation – and no more. And this is all one that run
cross country blindfolded with confidence only in
that you run fast …

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