China’s climate weapon

China has begun construction of a station on Hainan Island
which, according to official data, will be designed to investigate
ionospheric scattering of high-frequency radio waves – analog
US HAARP program operating in Alaska.

And although in this case, as is the case with the complex
HAARP, it is solely about scientific work, similar
Ionospheric probe, many analysts of the world believe, will
primarily used for military purposes (as weapons
or defense against attack).

It is enough to remember that the American complex is constantly
located in the center of all sorts of scandals associated with the use of
climate weapons. It is not excluded that the Chinese equivalent
will be engaged in similar experiments that can break
climatic equilibrium on our planet. Moreover, if the complex
HAARP is remote from busy airways and
major cities of the area (Alaska), the island of Hainan is very convenient
locally to control the movement of aircraft, ships and
submarines by disrupting their communication systems by
powerful electromagnetic radiation. This, experts say
meets the plans of the PRC leadership to strengthen the national

On the other hand, another station will appear in the Far East,
able to influence the weather in this region, and hence on the whole
territory of the planet. And if HAARP really breaks
climatic equilibrium on Earth, according to many scientists,
paired with the Chinese ionospheric probe, it will be, as they say,
something with something. And if we, the inhabitants of the Earth, will be happy, after that,
no one can say today …

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