China’s famous glass bridges: nowappeared the highest

The other day in China opened another glass pedestrian bridge –
now the highest. It is located at an altitude of almost two kilometers.
above sea level, although this figure is more statistical than
real for tourists. The main height of this unique structure
for a person who has stepped on him, as they say, on his own fear and
risk, – 186 meters above the ground, which is equal to the height
66-story skyscraper.

The width of the glass panels is 2.5 meters, and the length of the bridge –
198 meters so literally walk over the abyss is not so
Simply, some tourists do not stand the test of fear and
literally “crawling” over the bridge on all fours.

This really creepy attraction cost PRC 1.6 million
American dollars. The bridge was built in the landscape park Batayshan
Sichuan province, he connected two mountain peaks.

Recall that in China at the end of last year the most
a long glass bridge for tourists 488 meters long, and
for the particularly brave there is a glass path along the mountain
Taihanshan, the coating of which begins to “crack” underfoot
brave men. And although it is just an artificially created effect, as
practice shows, to experience it and stay with it
cold-blooded succeeds not every tourist.

However, some people who are mortally afraid of heights,
similar attractions are generally contraindicated. It’s fine
shows a video (see below), which is collected on the web
the internet is already millions of views. It shows the moment as
Chinese woman brings her lover to the edge of the glass bridge
brings blindfolded, apparently having agreed what he will do
he has a “pleasant surprise.”

And then she unties the eyes of the man, after which his eyes,
I suppose, stunning views of the local landscape are opening,
and a bird’s eye view. Beauty – indescribable, as they say
connoisseurs! Here are just a Chinese, apparently, did not appreciate it. Him
the reaction was just awesome. However, see for yourself and
Enjoy, by no means condemning the girl’s deed: she
just wanted to joke …

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