Chinese barber successfully shaves customerseyes

Xiong Gaou, 62, has been working for over 40 years
hairdresser, provides today to his countrymen a very unusual
and the eerie service that, contrary to simple human logic,
enjoys considerable popularity among them. Chengdu city resident
Southwest China uses a sharp blade to shave customers
eyes. Despite the fact that the effectiveness of this procedure can
questioned, Xiong has never hurt anyone (
there is not hurt) in this way.

Gaou explains that human eyeballs and eyelids with
the inner side tends to become dirty with age. By
according to the Chinese, he uses a straight razor to gently
scrub dirt from these delicate organs. The hairdresser himself and his
numerous clients claim that Xiong never committed to
this business of errors, therefore he is considered a true master and
a virtuoso of their rare craft of cleaning the eyes, which they only
conditionally called shaving – still a hairdresser and makes her
barber. Byсетители охотно соглашаются на подобную процедуру,
to improve your vision. Byлучается ли это в самом деле, сказать
difficult (research has not yet been conducted). Dissatisfied
at least not yet, and even more so complaints about Xiong Gaou –
did not arrive.

Gaou reports that it serves exclusively aged customers.
over 30 years old. Say, in more young individuals the dirt is not yet
накапливается в eyesх, поскольку молодой организм имеет
the ability to display it yourself. But over the years …

Many Western journalists have called this practice dangerous,
anti-scientific, shocking and even barbaric. Barber, however,
does not take offense at the words of the paparazzi and offers them to themselves
try the effectiveness of this service, and
is free. Some, we note, agree and … remain satisfied.
It must be assumed that soon the journalists will also begin to promote
This method of cleaning the eyes. By крайней мере, начнут те из них, кто
considers himself independent of the powers that be (in this case,
independent of omnipotent orthodox medicine) …

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