Chinese Bitter Eating Competitionchili peppers

Every year in the Celestial Empire are amazing competitions –
кто больше съест стручков горького chili peppers за 60 секунд. And,
this takes place not in one place, but in different provinces of China and in
different time of year.

For example, in the southern province of the country of Huan (see video) such
An amazing competition took place in the summer. Note that every year in
It is attended by an increasing number of brave souls.

Do not think that the danger of such a competition
exaggerated: first, eat chili in large quantities, yes
even for a certain time, the pleasure is still that. Secondly, before
competition, young people undergo a special health check, in
first on the strength of the heart, because from such extreme
taste sensations in people often stops the main motor
organism. And because the help of a doctor is required during
competition …

На днях подобный конкурс по поеданию chili peppers прошел в
Jiangxi Province (Yichun City) Celestial. He differed from above
described by the fact that the brave souls were eating bitter pepper, at the same time
swimming in hot springs (see title photo). This time
the winner ate 20 pods in one minute, although this is not
absolute record.

By the way, in the summer competition that took place in the province of Huan,
the winner was Tang Shuaihui, who ate in 60 seconds as much as 50
pods of bitter pepper …

Note also that in the Celestial Empire seriously believe that such
contests perfectly demonstrate the ancient Chinese dictum: who are you
consider yourself – this is tension, who you are – this

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