Chinese creek turned brightblood red color

Residents of the Chinese urban district of Yibin in Sichuan Province
recently witnessed a very unusual natural phenomenon.
Local stream flowing from the Yangtze River, unnoticed by the townspeople
приобрел яркий blood red color, словно в каком-нибудь фильме

Some Chinese were very scared by this picture and
considered that it was a bad sign from above. Authorities and police in
Currently trying to determine the cause of staining of the watercourse.
According to the preliminary version, someone dropped into the river unknown
coloring matter. If this turns out to be true, then
violator awaits a large fine.

However, it later became clear (the scientists conducted thorough
fluid analyzes) that no dyes or harmful substances in
there is no water. Do the people of Yibin deal with something

The local folk healer and visionary Yunsheng Yutno has already spoken with
a statement that the spirits of nature were angry at man and therefore
painted the creek in the color of blood. The healer warns that soon
the whole Yangtze, which is the longest
and the abounding river of Eurasia, and then use the water from it
will be impossible.

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