Chinese deserts become fertileland

Who does not know that there are so many people living in China, which is why
Russia has even spread false information that the PRC�
sorely lacking own lands, and therefore the Chinese with
lust glances at the Far East of our country. However a little
who knows that in China there are dozens of their undeveloped lands
thousand square kilometers that they have yet to
ennoble and obzhivat, as, perhaps, and Russians endless Siberia
and the Far East.

The latest evidence suggests that the Chinese are gradually beginning
solve this question. At the very least, it became known that employees
Chongqing Jiaotong University is not only invented, but
experienced in practice a unique technology for fertilization
lifeless deserts, of which there are many in China.

As a first experiment, scientists selected 200 hectares of one and
five deserts in the territory of Inner Mongolia, and
literally part of the once abandoned due to large-scale coal mining
territory turned into a green oasis.

Chinese scientists have invented a special paste that allows, as if
by magic, dramatically change the ecological situation
– for the better. In contact with sand, such paste holds
moisture, nutrients and even attracts precipitation,
because it promotes the rapid spread of fungal colonies.
For those who do not know, we inform you that mushrooms attract and
gather clouds over their territory. In the deserts, as is known,
there are no mushrooms (for example, in the same Sahara), and although it is all around the sea
oceans, rains on these lifeless sands are practically not
are coming.

The Chinese have tried their wonderful pasta on 200 hectares.
lifeless soil, turning it into green fields sown
corn and sunflowers. The next Chinese project
researchers should be restoring on these five deserts
forests – according to plan, 50 percent of the lifeless territories of China should
turn into a forest in perspective. And all this thanks
present invention. To begin with, it is planned to change the ecology by 13
thousand hectares of desert land. Great trouble – the beginning, God willing,
scientists will get to Takla Makan (title photo) – one of the most
China’s largest and most famous deserts …

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