Chinese TV host turned out to be a hologram

China State News Agency “Xinhua” is not
has long since experienced innovative technology in its audience,
like a science fiction movie or even
dystopian novel demonstrating the decline of human
culture against the background of the development of high technology.

Many Chinese who have watched recent news releases haven’t even
suspected that the new presenter is not at all what it seems
at first sight. However, more attentive viewers immediately noticed
that the announcer’s lips move in a strange and unnatural way. And he
does not stop while talking to get air in
chest, as if not breathing at all. And his intonation, to put it mildly,
was not too professional …

We have been told for decades that artificial
intelligence will someday begin to take work from people.
But who would have thought that the presenters would be their first
intellectual specialists who will be replaced by “robots”. Yes,
this is not a joke: the man in the video below is by no means
not a living person, but a computer algorithm programmed
voice the latest news of the Middle Kingdom.

The newest addition to the ranks of speakers Xinhua looks, according to
opinion of many web users, frighteningly realistic.
Artificial intelligence not only reads the news, but also
blinks, nods his head and raises his eyebrows. But the most valuable
the quality of the virtual presenter is its ability to work
24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Moreover,
�“Robot” can simultaneously broadcast on many channels and websites,
highlighting different events at the same time.

Chinese experts in the field of AI are convinced that such an innovation
will significantly reduce the cost of TV companies
announcers. Technology will evolve rapidly and someday
virtual presenter will be indistinguishable from the present. He can
�“Breathe”, gesticulate, speak with human intonation and
even stumble sometimes to make the viewer feel
maximum reality speaker on the other side of the screen.

However, while this innovation is controversial
reviews. A lot of viewers said that the hologram looks enough
similar to a living man, but her behavior and speech is still
too different from human. In psychology, this phenomenon
called the “sinister valley” effect. If some object or
any creature is like a human being, but they do not quite behave
like a living individual, this subconsciously causes people
persistent rejection.

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