Chinese woman showed what miracles canmake using makeup

A graduate of one of the universities of the Middle Kingdom, better known
in the social networks of his country under the nickname Qi Huahua, laid out in
An online video that literally stunned men, and not
only China, but the whole world.

The fact is that, not having an attractive appearance, a girl
demonstrated how using uncomplicated makeup can
to turn any woman’s face into an ideal model that
usually issued for the standard of beauty.

The girl applied only some cosmetics
used nose pads, artificial eyelashes, and so on.
A few minutes (the video shows all this in a rooted form for
a few seconds) – and before you is a real beauty.

It is specified that the video was shot in the city of Hyunyang, which is located in
Hunan Province of China.

But the most interesting in this case can be called comments to
the video, especially men, some of whom did not even believe it
to your eyes. And others (from among, apparently, the most experienced)
frankly stated that a real woman (what she is) happens
only in the morning and after the shower, everything else is an illusion.

The video by Qi Huahua has already received the title – “Chinese
fake “though, as most users agree
virtually all segments of the World Wide Web, such metamorphosis with
using makeup you can watch anywhere, even among many
world beauties celebrities (especially the elderly), the true
whose face no one has ever seen …

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