Chinese workers 300 km of railway trackslaid in just 3.5 hours

There are so many amazing things in China: these are ghost towns,
glass bridges and “roads of death” over precipices, high-speed
trains and much more. For example, in the Middle Kingdom some
The Eiffel Towers (exact replicas of the Paris Eiffel Tower) are several
pieces, as well as many other copies of famous buildings,
neighborhoods of cities in Western Europe.

But China is famous for its amazing speed of construction.
For example, on YouTube’s video hosting you can easily find and
watch videos that show how these people are ants
(one gets the impression) 14-storey house can easily be built in 3
day, and 57-storey – in 19 days.

But it turns out this is not the limit of the builders
Celestial The Chinese also quickly lay and rail
of the way. As reported by The Daily Mail, the other day 500
road workers of the PRC in just 3.5 hours installed a railway
300 kilometers long canvas (see the video fragment of this
well-coordinated work). If you think about it, then at such a speed
(about 85 km / h) the car moves on quite
decent highway. And then the rails are laid at the same pace –
fantastic, and only!

In this case, the area of ​​210 miles, on which is installed
such an amazing record for laying railway tracks will be
part of the high-speed highway, which the PRC is planning to complete in
next year. Thanks to this city of Chongqing and Changsha
become “really closer” because getting from one to another
it will be possible on average in 4 hours instead of 11 present.

And although today’s achievement of the speed of laying railways just
striking the imagination, it should be noted that in the Middle Kingdom a long time ago
use such high-speed methods for the construction of any objects, including
including rail. So, in January of this year in Fujian Province
workers laid the railroad and the new station in just 9 hours.
And there are no such examples here. Suffice it to say that in your
time the world doubted that China could build a railway in
Mountain, almost not accessible area – Tibet. However, these
unimaginable Chinese not only overcame all difficulties, for example,
laying the railroad tracks in permafrost, building
simply fantastic bridges across numerous rivers and other
barriers of this harsh region, but also did it all in some
incredible tight deadlines (see just spectacular
a documentary about this below) …

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