Chip found on Mars

For virtual archaeologists, as ironically observed in NASA, no
nothing difficult, though every day to find on Mars (Martian
Pictures submitted just by the American aerospace
agency) something out of the ordinary.

Ufologists may well add: find from the fact that
NASA staff did not have time (could not for their small
interest) die out or hide behind seven locks.
Indeed, this time independent researchers at one of
photos sent by the Curiosity rover in the Sharpe Mountain region found
object very similar to a piece of pipe.

The question is, where on the supposedly lifeless planet can
�”Born” such a clearly man-made part? True, skeptics except
their favorite paradolic illusion was immediately found and another quite
realistic reason for the appearance of a tubular object on Mars –
it was left by the rover itself. True, NASA leadership never
announced that something was falling off the rovers, although such
information must go through the press.

Even virtual archaeologists admit that violent Martian
winds and temperature drops could cut stone to
�“Technical” type, however, the most likely version seems to be that
This detail near the mountain Sharpe left aliens. Today even
the conservative leadership of NASA recognizes their presence in our
The solar system (not to mention other scientists – see the video),
and therefore on Mars, although as soon as it comes specifically to
Red Planet, US Space Agency staff
immediately forget about the aliens.

And this circumstance seems very conspiracy
suspicious, especially amid slipping information about
the secret space developments of the Americans and their interstellar
programs in which nasa plays the role of a distracting player. If a
so, then maybe a piece of pipe on Mars is quite terrestrial
origin? Like much else, found by ufologists and
online archaeologists …

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