Chupacabra terrorizes residents of the Kama region

Residents of the Komi-Perm Autonomous District in the Perm Territory
complain about senseless and merciless murders of a mysterious creature
local small livestock. Permians suggest that this may be
the mythical chupacabra, which is periodically noticed in many
parts of the world. Residents of the village of Malaya Serva near Kudymkar not
know how to resist a fierce predator, and seek help from
specialists. So far, however, unsuccessfully.

Mostly mysterious predator kill domestic rabbits and chickens.
The most amazing thing is that the alleged monster does not devour the carcass, but
leaves them in the cells, only drinking all the blood from the unfortunate victims,
and even then not from each. Because of this, farmers have folded
the impression that the pest is driven solely by thirst
kill and not hunger. It is worth recalling that the chupacabra, which
first noticed in the 1950s in Puerto Rico, in fact not
consumed the meat of their victims, and sucked the blood out of them.

Local experts just shrug. In their opinion, speech can
go petting, mink, ferret or other animals of the family
marten In addition, some scientists have put forward a completely unexpected
version of what is happening. They report that rabbits are actually capable
eat not only vegetable but also animal food. In particular
In rare cases, these harmless and cute-looking animals, they say,
may even attack their kinsmen. However, Perm farmers
do not believe too much in cannibal rabbits and believe that the reason for them
misfortunes – bloodthirsty chupacabra.

In confirmation of this, they cite broken cells, the discovery
by some miracle bolts and hooks, which are difficult for a person
give in – all this is some kind of mysticism or reasonable malice.
The monster who organized the robbery at night is clearly intelligent, cunning and
possessing no hefty power. And so blame everything on the ordinary small
predators, and even on stray dogs, as they try to do
local officials do not really work – people do not believe it.
However, local authorities are not in a hurry to believe in the chupacabra, although today
there is practically no person who would not know or hear about it
mystical creature. Here are just no words, no kill, no how with him
in general, to fight – nobody knows that yet …

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