Cigar-like UFO flying at great speedover the farm

The man who posted this picture on the Internet has made it
in July of this year, when I examined a livestock farm near
your home. It happened in Idaho, USA. American farmer
filmed livestock buildings and did not even notice that
accidentally caught in the camera lens cigar-like UFO, which on
огромной скорости пролетел over the farm.

Here is how he explains what happened:

I examined the animals and filmed it all on camera – just in
case because it sometimes allows you to detect some
economic miscalculations, helps to keep statistics. I have nothing
filming time did not notice the unusual. And then, too. But at some
the moment of watching this video on a computer, I saw on it
whether a stroke flashed for a split second, or a defect that me
very surprised because the camera was new and take off from
technical interference could not. Then I slowed down, increased
shots and … was just dumbfounded: on the resulting photograph is clearly visible
UFO in the form of a cigar, and with some antennas at the top.

The American just now decided to post a photo of a UFO to the Internet,
since at first he thought it was not interesting to anyone that it
his personal problem. But she continued to torment him, on the one hand,
in doubt, and on the other, even fears (why would the aliens fly over
his farm?)

The UFO was clearly moving at tremendous speed, explains the farmer, why
the human eye was unable to notice it. But he flew
still too slow to be caught
video camera. And so the question is – how much and how often
Are aliens moving around my house and my farm?

Internet users agreed with the American that this
really a UFO, not some kind of bird or a hindrance when shooting,
however, they disagree with his concerns. Case with a farmer from
Idaho proves once again that aliens are constantly flying on
their fantastic machines, and all over the planet (see
videos about it), but we don’t see them – these speeds are too high
mysterious ufo. But … modern camcorders no-no yes notice
uninvited guests …

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