Clairvoyant from USA foretells Californiaglobal catastrophe

Why on the Internet did suddenly such a huge interest manifest itself in
video of a two-week range with American prophecies
clairvoyant Lois Vogel Sharp? It turns out the woman for sure
predicted what woes the Harvey and Irma will bring to the United States,
foresaw an earthquake in mexico and now prophesies that 23
September, an unprecedented earthquake will shake California.

It will be a massive disaster.
the prophet says, and it will begin on September 23 of this year. It will become
the shock of the whole American nation. US residents hurricanes forced
remember you about God and start praying, but much more
a serious test when the earth opens up under your feet,
a terrible wind will come, and fires will cover everything around and will
incredibly grow. This will be a collapse for the entire economy.
a country in which chaos prevails. California, the beginning
global catastrophe for you marked the hurricane “Harvey” on August 21,
however, the last days will come here in a month …

And although US seismologists soothe Americans in every way,
proving that there were no major earthquakes in this area since
1906 (at that time thoroughly shook San Francisco), however
it is rather scary than happy.

First, there was a major earthquake in Mexico, which may
to be considered a harbinger of a great misfortune
the seismic region of the San Andreas fault, where in fact
last century, as they say, peace and quiet and God
grace. Secondly, is this a calm before the storm? After all, light
earthquakes are known to relieve tectonic load,
significantly reducing the stress in the plates and fractures. Such light
shocks in California are long gone, and the San Andres rift itself is long
bothers seismologists with their hidden tension. Shake on
the junction of the plates here everything is postponed and postponed – the more powerful and
more destructive this discharge can occur.

That is why such an increased interest today in the prophecies of Lois
Vogel Sharp, especially since its predictions of disaster are not unique.
Today, even just very sensitive Americans jump
at night with a cry of horror, because they dream of the upcoming catastrophe –
unprecedented earthquake in california!

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