Clairvoyant Vera Lyon says that in 2019Europe is waiting for floods, and Russia – an abnormally warm winter

The Internet is gaining popularity forecast known
Kazakh clairvoyant Faith Lyon (see about this video, on
where she mentions the main world events of the upcoming
of the year).

In a nutshell, Vera Lyon’s main focus
this time (unlike last year) gives natural
the cataclysms, which allegedly will be held virtually around the world, especially
�”Hooking” America, Europe and Asia. In Western Europe, for example,
most affected by floods are England and Germany, in Italy under
the water even leaves the Vatican. In addition, this country will cover the ashes

A more severe climate will hit the UK, will suffer from this
same Germany and Denmark.

But an abnormally warm winter awaits Russia, the clairvoyant says
thanks to which the snow melts even in some areas of Yakutia and
Magadan. Rains and ice showers will become commonplace at this time.
many regions of the country.

Believe this prediction or not – it’s your business. For example, the current
year Vera Lyon predicted more political disasters and
terrible military events, for example, in the same Ukraine. Can read
this forecast on our website and see how true
predicts this woman. Perhaps after this you will not be so
scary neither from her words, nor from similar horror stories of other homegrown
the prophets, who seemed to be united in the desire to predict
us in the near future Apocalypse. But he still does not come, here
the trouble is …

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