Clairvoyants have seen two in the near futureplanetary catastrophes

According to psychologists, even those who laugh at the seers and
oracles accusing them of quackery read them with interest
forecasts for the future.

Moreover, the higher the skeptic’s ostentatious nihilism, the more
his inner faith in predictions. Modern western man
grown up on materialistic doctrines, just shy
of such a faith, in every way he denies it, although in mind, remembering,
probably, their past lives, understand that in this world is not so
unambiguously, as the orthodox scientists present it.

Clairvoyant Vladimir Mikayev about Supervolcano Yellowstone

Hereditary Russian psychic, healer and clairvoyant
Vladimir Mikayev has repeatedly surprised his fans with exact
predictions for the future, although he rarely makes such statements
at the level of the all-Russian press. However, the other day journalists
dragged into the light of God his prediction on the Yellowstone
a volcano that continues to excite almost everything

Vladimir said about this:

I spoke about this volcano three years ago, predicting
disaster in 2010. Everything will be so, now after three years
this natural-man-made disaster will occur as i see in
it and the human factor provoking the awakening of the fire-breathing
monster. By the way, even Vanga said that the volcano Yellowstone
will blow up and wipe out the United States of America, right
she did not indicate the exact date. I agree with Wanga – it will be
great catastrophe for North America. Of course, it will get
Canada and South America and even the entire world from such an explosion, however
no planetary nuclear winter, as scientists scare each other, not
will be.

Clairvoyants about mega-tsunami that will overwhelm Asia

As reported by Ren-TV, another terrible prophecy
came from an anonymous predictor who said that he saw
a huge catastrophe that is about to happen is about to happen
even until the end of this year.

Clairvoyant predicts the most powerful earthquake in the Indian
the ocean that spawns megatsunami. Unprecedented wave height
fall on Asian countries, literally wiping India off
Pakistan, China and Japan, although it will get from this natural
disaster and other countries in the region. Megatsunam total
eleven states will suffer.

Journalists of the agency report that it became known after
the predictor sent a warning letter
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Of course we are crazy
There are many in the world, but in India itself they reacted to this very
seriously, because other clairvoyants see something similar,
another thing is that no one is yet calling the exact date
disaster …

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