Clever crows eat even poisonous toads – andnothing

You can talk a lot about ravens for a long time, and certainly enthusiastically,
since these birds are so strikingly high
intelligence (for birds), which sometimes seems – they are in this regard
no way inferior to man. Умная птица, nothing не скажешь!

However, unlike humans, crows have a mass
abilities that make their lives much more free and
attractive. For example, they can fly using even this
advantage over us is very clever, and sometimes funny. For example,
the raven can safely ride on the back of an eagle – just like that
fun …

But there are much more amazing things that are capable of
crows. Let’s say they have an excellent digestive system, and
because they can eat almost anything – from small animals,
before food waste and even carrion or parasites, eating them,
For example, in bantengom bulls (a wonderful symbiosis of the mighty
animal and intelligent bird). It is such an amazing breed of these
black-winged birds – Corvus orru – is found in tropical
Australia These clever birds can eat even the most poisonous.
amphibians in the world – toad aga.

In Rhinella marinus (so called this toad in Latin) in nature
virtually no enemies, since it is endowed with the ability
isolate the strongest poison bufotoksin (causes instant paralysis
hearts), and not only distinguish, but also accurately and relatively far
shoot them to the victim or the enemy. Therefore, with this terrible
no one wants to be contacted by an individual, but only not a local endemic
Voronov family.

The Australian raven, as it turns out, is smart and cautious.
a hunter who has managed to develop a unique tactic that allows
eat him tasty meat of toads aga, without any risk of being
poisoned by this monstrous predator. No, of course, Corvus orru
to some extent, risks, but … who does not risk, that, as they say in
people do not drink champagne (apparently, this bird has repeatedly heard such
statement from the mouth of a person, and made the appropriate conclusion).

First, the crow grabs the toad, and instantly, for the most
safe places – eyebrows or limbs, which allows
him to turn over his “dangerous dish” and roll the victim on the ground until
as long as she dies. After that, the bird skillfully (neatly and
almost unmistakably (see about this video)
the nutritional parts of the body of the toad, without affecting its poisonous glands. Here is
man, tell me, could you do it? Never!

Note that in Australia the toad aga has long been considered dangerous
invasive species among amphibians, however these creatures here are so
a lot, and the number of intelligent and clever ravens is quite small, that
The last cannot solve this problem just yet. Here is уж истина,
characteristic of human society: the mind is good and the poisonous
language is much better …

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