Climatic and psychotronic weaponsmodernity

In 1997, the United States launched the HAARP project in Alaska,
supposedly a station for the study of ionospheric phenomena. However this
the complex, which initially became top secret, immediately attracted
attention of scientists (not to mention the conspiracy theorists) of the whole world who
Soon they came to the conclusion that “ionospheric phenomena” – no more
than cover to create a climatic and psychotronic

However, in 2013, US authorities announced the closure of the project. No one
still does not know the reasons for this decision, or even
whether or not HAARP funding has been discontinued.
Troubling another: a couple of months ago it became known that
Americans decided to revive the project HAARP. And again it is not known: whether
they really resume work on the study of ionospheric
phenomena, or never stopped secret research on
Alaska, and now only force implementation in practice
the results obtained for these 20 years …

Melt flying airplanes 400 kilometers

Scientists believe that the HAARP project was made possible by
the development of Nikola Tesla, who invented many things, including
the transfer of energy to the distance, its influence on the weather, and so on. AND
although, they say, a brilliant Serbian scientist destroyed before his death
all entries related to his premature discoveries (they need
much higher spiritual level of humanity), in
again, no one really knows what of this heritage
fell into the hands of American power structures. And not interested
his inventions they simply could not, because even such a loud
Nikola Tesla’s statement to the New York Times that he can melt
planes in the air at a distance of 400 kilometers, could not but
to interest the US military.

By the way, after the death of the Serbian genius, all the development started by
transmission of energy at a distance continued his student Bernard
ANDстлунд. His designs are just the basis of the HAARP system. Here is
what nuclear physicist Lev Maksimov says about this:

Суть технологии, предложенной ANDстлундом и осуществляемой на
Alaska program HAARP, is that the antenna complex
create a narrow beam of waves of incredibly great power,
which is capable of forming so-called lenses in the ionosphere. BUT
they in turn reflect low frequency waves, focusing them in
form of the energy beam – at a given point on Earth. ANDз-за этого
a volcano may wake up, a tsunami may occur, collapses occur,
shifts of the earth’s crust, mudflows arise – in a word, very
terrible things, and hardly clearly controlled by themselves
the creators of such rays.

But that’s not all. HAARP is also designed to block any
radio communication and disable all modern equipment, including
including military and satellite. All this was confirmed in due time by himself.
разработчик этой чудовищной программы Бернард ANDстлунд.

HAARP is also a psychotropic weapon.

Уйдя на покой, Бернард ANDстлунд поведал журналистам много
interesting, with regards to his brainchild. For example, he called HAARP
most powerful radiation weapons that can destroy not only all
terrestrial communications networks, but also airplanes, rockets, satellites, cause
global climate catastrophe, as well as generate space
radiation that will kill all life on Earth.

Besides, it is not only climatic, but also psychotropic
weapons, and therefore one day people on the planet will wake up with biological
robots controlled by operators from HAARP. By the way, doctor
Technical Sciences Yuri Perunov, working in the same direction,
считает, что секретность американского проекта на BUTляске
due to the development of psychotronic weapons, which, in
if successful, would give complete domination of the world – and destroy in
In this case, nothing and no one needs …

Хотя подобные заявления Бернарда ANDстлунда нельзя принимать
seriously one hundred because, on the one hand, they are too
bold as if the scientist revealed no secrets to journalists (who
would he allow it?), and through the workers of the pen – just intimidated
the world (the Americans are, as we know, great masters), and on the other hand
Strongholds – the fact of the project closure in 2013 remains unclear
and renewing it in the present. Something in all this is confusing and
suspicious. AND наконец, если у военных СШBUT есть чем попугать,
besides the word, they certainly use it – remember Hiroshima and
Nagasaki. BUT пока…

While HAARP is something, perhaps, quite real, but very
far from perfect and full control by the Americans.
Of course, something is really happening to the Earth’s climate.
incomprehensible, and it may well be connected with the program HAARP, however
all these processes seem to be poorly controlled by their
создателей, и чаще бьют по самим СШBUT, чем по той же России, против
of which the White House has been so active lately. Do not with these
связано и возобновление проекта на BUTляске? BUT в таком случае
it’s too early to talk about super-weapons in the hands of Americans …

Moreover, such projects have already been launched on the territory
Norway, Greenland, its HAARP is building China at the moment –
on the island of Hainan. What about Russia?

�”Russian woodpecker”

In the USSR, a similar project operated in the last century, the Americans
they called him “Russian woodpecker”, because its impulses are transmitted
at one tenth of a second, they were like a throbbing knock by everyone
famous birdies. The complex was located near the Chernobyl
NPP – a series of antennas with a height of 150 meters. At one time, the US authorities even
accused the Soviet Union that in a long drought state
Калифорния в 1985-91 годах виноват именно �”Russian woodpecker”, хотя
this project was abandoned in 1986 – immediately after the sad
known accident at the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl.

Today, something similar in Russia is performed by the “Sura” object (near
Vasilsursk Nizhny Novgorod region), located on the ground
radiophysical institute. But analysts believe that this project
not viable, since its development is negligible
small amounts, while HAARP employees receive 350 million
dollars a year. Whether this is true or not is not known precisely because
Russian policy in military science and industry is so classified
that the world only has time to wonder where it comes from and what it comes from. And not
it is clear which channels all this is funded because
Americans watch official channels very easily. Not by chance
journalists say that in Russia too much and easy to say
about the corruption of power structures, while all these “stolen”
the state has billions may well be secretly sent to the military
and other top secret designs. Otherwise it is very difficult to explain.
Russian miracle of the beginning of the XXI century – Russia as if by magic
sticks suddenly again becomes the most powerful superpower of the world –
rose as a phoenix from the ashes …

Therefore, it remains to be seen where and how successfully the “Russian

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