Climatic weapon: a terrible hurricanePoland

Ураган в Poland, прошедший 11 августа, был настолько
crushing and terrible that the local population remembered as
the beginning of the Apocalypse. As a result, five people died and almost
three thousand buildings were completely or partially destroyed.

In addition, the elements destroyed over forty thousand
hectares of forest. But whether the element was natural, that is the question
do conspiracy therapists? In the circles of advanced researchers and
supporters of the theory of world conspiracy are discussed again
burning questions of our century – is it possible to climatic
weapons, what does the American HAARP actually do and can
Does the “enraged nature” of recent years be considered natural?
phenomenon or is it purposeful activity of puppeteers,
Moving our world to the end of the world?

То, что произошло в Poland, очень похоже на применение
climate weapons. According to conspiracy therapists about this
pretty convincing evidence of strange circles that
appeared on radar photographs derived from space
just before the hurricane. It turns out that it is caused artificially,
as perhaps other anomalies occurring on the planet in
lately, for example, the abnormally cold this summer in
Russia …

Note that climate weapons are developed and even
tested by the United States since the middle of the last century. However, if at the beginning
these were modest attempts to control precipitation, causing or dispersing
clouds, then today, there is a suspicion that the world already has much more
powerful mechanisms of influence on natural phenomena. Therefore
supporters of the world conspiracy theories argue that the catastrophe on
Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 was planned and
carried out by the US military, which, in fact, are
conductors of misanthropic politics behind the scenes
government of earth.

But if everything is clear with Japan (this country, striving for the most
advanced technology and independence, will continue to push and
put in place in such or even more cruel ways), then than
Puppeteers today did not please Poland? In an accident and
the ill-conceivedness of their actions is something hard to believe …

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