Clinical death has completely changed the view onChinese life Xue Mei

Xue Mei was a typical representative of modern Chinese.
Society – an active member of the Communist Party of China, sincerely
believed in the ideas of Marxism, and an incorrigible atheist, for whom
the concept of God was equivalent to a fairytale hero, and any religion –
stupid propaganda.

Recently, a woman has suffered from chronic cough, and
because often lay in the hospital. At that time, May held another
a course of treatment. The moment she was given intravenous antibiotics,
Xue suddenly lost consciousness – and then the fun began. Here is
as a recent atheist tells, who does not believe in any
God, nor in the afterlife:

No, I did not lose consciousness, rather, on the contrary, I gained some
other state of it. I, of course, did not understand that with me
happens, just felt like flying through the tunnel, and I was, in
in general, very good, easy and free.

Just a little scary, because I didn’t understand, then I
I died, or something else happens, which I do not understand. therefore
there was a burning desire to go back. True, I was surrounded
invisible beings full of love and compassion for me and they
reassured me, although I did not hear any words …

And then the tunnel ended, and I ended up in some kind of amazing
bright world, and there was already no fear, no pain, in my heart poured
bliss and eternal peace. In the next moment, they showed me (I
I think) how this world works, I saw every molecule, every atom
– and these were all countless worlds, and they also existed
in many dimensions … Words of all this simply can not convey.

But Xue Mei remembered her little child, her relatives,
that she has not done much in this life, and she is painfully
wanted to come back. After that, she was again in the hospital
ward, at first she saw herself and the doctors as if from the outside. For example,
she saw and heard that the doctor gives her orders
Assistants, she saw even what was happening behind the wall, she
I even heard her mobile phone ring somewhere and she immediately
I understood who was calling her and why.

And then Mei felt her head spin, and … she
re-entered her body. The woman opened her eyes and tried to sit down
vomiting started …

After this incident, the Chinese woman completely changed her view of
the world, realizing that it is not at all what it presents to us
materialistic science. She stopped being afraid of death, believed in
God And all this literally changed her life: soon the sores
left her, and in Xue Mee’s life there were amazing changes in
the best side. The woman now lives with great gratitude to
The higher forces that gave her this spiritual experience …

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