Clouds of Jupiter demonstratedsurreal picture

On the Internet, the Internet is truly surreal.
picture created by the clouds of Jupiter. Alien “landscape”,
made by the “Yunon” apparatus of the American aerospace
agencies, makes not only admire, but also practically
believe that the painting of the hands of the great artist, although in reality
This is a realistic space photography.

The device “Juno” made this snapshot on October 27 of this year on
distance, as reported by NASA staff, 18906 kilometers above
these majestic clouds of Jupiter, folding in
gray-blue and whitish whirlwinds, throwing off fantastic
shadows on the outskirts of the giant planet, autumn looks like oil
paint unsurpassed space artist.

The region that came to this wonderful picture is in
the northern hemisphere of Jupiter, “Juno” just overcame
approximately three fifths of the way from the equator to the north pole
giant during the ninth closest approach to Jupiter. But
these are all technical details, more necessary for a statement of fact,
and not a demonstration of the beauty of this surrealistic picture.
NASA employees did not fail to even report that the scale of the image
is 12 kilometers per pixel, but is it so

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