Clouds that come down to us

We invite you to get acquainted with two videos that
demonstrate how separate small clouds descend to earth,
who are like playful children, get up in their cute
immediacy is that “adult clouds” are large and solid,
they will never allow themselves, because even if they fall from the sky,
surely terrible omens of something terrible and
not good

And then … a wonderful cloud that first rolls on the hood
cars, and then completely begins to play in every way with
parked cars, looking very curious and
funny. This is how it is perceived by those around
perplexity (what is it?), and then in fun watching this
cloud game.

No less surprising is the second plot of the video. And if
the first shows us one of the European cities where this
natural anomaly is perceived as a kind of natural error, then during
In the second case, the action takes place in Saudi Arabia, where to such
phenomena are much more serious and even God-fearing.

Especially when you consider that this “natural anomaly” does not
some kind of tourist, and a local resident. This is understandable not only from
Arabic, in which he comments on what is happening, for example,
with such a phrase – “I just can’t believe it and can’t not capture
the video is a divine miracle “, but also from his eastern clothes,
when the enchanted operator leaves the car, passing
the camera to the farmer. In doing so, he comes up to the cloud and tries to touch
him to even get inside him. Just great!

However, skeptics saw nothing remarkable in this,
except as a manifestation of geoengineering and manipulation of the weather – from here,
they say, and such strange anomalies. Therefore, the eastern man
some advised not to even touch this “foam” because
it may be the result of untreated water. And unaware of this
clever men, that the clouds are reasonable …

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