Cloudy angel with spread wings overBy texas

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos and videos
associated with mysterious clouds. Another such photograph
provided us the other day someone Danny Ferraro, laying out a cloudy
angel on his page on the social network “Facebook”.

From his words it follows that he was driving that day with his
wife in family matters. And in some
a moment a man suddenly saw this miracle in the sky.

Wow, I told my wife, look at that! Nothing like?

It lasted only a few seconds, but Danny managed to snatch
your smartphone and capture amazing cloud formation with
escaping the rays of the sun from under it, which made this picture
both fantastic and mystical.

Not by chance, many users of the World Wide Web agreed to
Ferraro, that he was lucky enough to capture another cloud
an angel. Others thought that the image of St. Mary appeared in the sky.
There were, however, and more “sophisticated” connoisseurs of cloudy
the formations that Julie Andrews saw in this – a character from
of the musical-musical “The Sound of Music”, which, having spread its arms, sings,
the most transforming into the beautiful all around.

Ferraro himself clarifies that he does not know if anyone else has seen it.
heavenly angel, but at that moment on him and his spouse suddenly
some kind of peace came down, and they immediately realized that everything
the problems that tormented them will be resolved in the best way. In the final
account, that’s what happened …

We still do not understand many cloud formations, there is even
quite a convincing theory that clouds have a mind, they somehow
associated with the subtle world of higher powers that help people, by
at least through such “angelic” signs give us to understand
that we are not alone in this vast universe.

As we wrote, amazing things happen at all when
intelligent clouds directly help people in distress.
And many witnesses of this, especially confronted with such phenomena
since childhood, take them for granted, for example,
as a neighborhood with good spirits that you can always rely on in
Hard time. You just need to believe in them, and certainly every time
give thanks for their help so they come to you with her and in
next time…

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