Cold Winter Ahead – Nantucket Islandeven the waves freeze

The fact that the northern seas are frozen is from the lessons of geography,
probably everyone knows. But can the wave shafts freeze,
turned into a blink of an eye in the huge ice rolls?

Obviously, even in the most terrible frost, the water in the sea first
calms down, and then gradually freezes. Especially since she –
salty, and this solution is less responsive to low temperatures.
In short, frozen waves are something from a fairy tale or

An, no, American photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh managed
capturing off nantucket island a unique phenomenon when the waves
The Atlantic Ocean turned into frozen shafts. Many
Experts believe that this is just a photo montage because
�“Frozen waves” in this form is simply an impossible phenomenon.
However, Jonathan himself claims that he did not “paint on” –
just filmed what I saw, what I created myself
Mother Nature …

Admire also snow waves. Video shot in the north
Sakhalin Islands. So the Sea of ​​Okhotsk freezes – it freezes, reluctantly
turning into a “snow porridge”, and then the snow-ice cover.
However, the frozen transparent waves have never been seen here …

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